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In response to Alva Noe’s article, “Does thinking Happen in the Brain”, I believe that there is a tendency to forget the symbolic nature of one’s conscience.

The mind is an intricate facet of the human anatomy, one that captures all senses and allows for its use. However this article argues that it is the exterior part of the body that does so. Being a media student, there is no doubt that the mind and one’s conscience are not the sole factors that determine a reaction, feeling or thought. There is also surrounding environmental aspects, historic factors, background and origin and so forth that help to determine how one reacts to a certain piece of media.

I believe however, that media have now recognised the value of minds, using them as commodities to tap into the emotional streams inside an individual in order to sell a story, engage or make public. In doing so, one is blinded by the manipulation, if you can call it that, of certain capitalism mainstream media outlets that have taken into account how one feels, reacts and thinks and acted based on that. When interlinking logic with emotion there is a stark difference in the way they work. Those who think logically are able to interpret what is right and wrong, good or bad, based on what they think using their brains. Emotional thinkers are quite the opposite. They will see an image, or hear about a horrific story and immediately feel distraught without thinking too much about the facts or events or build up.

I therefore conclude that not all people are necessarily “external” thinkers. It all depends on the mechanism of a person, psychological characteristics, background etc. that will portray how they think, feel and act. A thinker use their brain while an emotional character will use external factors.

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