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After viewing Jane Mcgonigal’s talk about gaming, I was fascinated by the way gaming was used as an analogy to saving the world. Though it made me think, really?

How can we apply the problem solving skills that gamers use to a world scale when we are dealing with issues like poverty? Ideally it would be a great solution to push the amount of gamers to an extra “1.5 billion” yet the question remains, are we being realistic or just living in a utopia?

Significantly, there were some facts that could apply to today’s era in particular the idea of “social fabric”. When gamers are united globally through a platform that has the ability to transcend barriers, countries, cultures and religions, there is also a tendency to form a relationship with fellow competitors. The absorbing nature of the gaming world is one that, i think, is more ¬†psychological than anything else. It allows for people to spend time overcoming challenges and using their potential in an avenue that is appealing because of the “i can do it” attitude.

However the question of whether this can be applied on a daily basis is merely given. The ability to choose level in games, easy/medium/hard, and the options of super powers and extra points- also indicated by Mcgonigal- cannot be applied to the real world where challenges are faced whether in the form of running late or financial problems. To say the problems we face in actual is essentially the same as we face in games can be counteracted by the multiple levels of skills we need to deal with everyday problems. For example poverty; it requires cooperation at a global scale as well as problem solving skills, unification of the people who have the same agenda, and an attitude that puts ending poverty as one’s number one priority. In reality we have supreme powers, bank and corporations, that run the world with an attitude where making money surpasses any element of humanity.

Therefore while the gaming world can be used as an example of what we can be, it’s highly unlikely that it will ever be that simple.


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