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Blog 8 Arts3091

May 14, 2012 by


After viewing Jane Mcgonigal’s talk about gaming, I was fascinated by the way gaming was used as an analogy to saving the world. Though it made me think, really? How can we apply the problem solving skills that gamers use to a world scale when we are dealing with issues like poverty? Ideally it would […]

Blog 7 Arts3091

April 29, 2012 by


This week i chose to focus my blog on Michel Bauwen’s Umair Haque’s New Capitalist Manifesto. Essentially he encapsulates the the new era of capitalism as one that has been beneficial in creating value. I have mainly decided to focus on one of his statement’s i have extracted and put it in context with the changing […]

Blog 6 Arts3091

April 23, 2012 by


“How Egypt’s uprising is helping redefine the idea of a media event” This report has assisted me in capturing the idea of a ‘media event’. Through the works of media acadmeics Daniel Dayan and Elihu Katz it is argued that a media event is when ‘certain events depart from news events, and instead become ceremonial […]

Blog 5 Arts3091

April 16, 2012 by


After looking at Richard Gingra’s perspective on how to improve future journalism I was automatically drawn to how there is a change in the way journalism is viewed/framed. Traditionally, sources of the media were considered prominent figures, whistleblowers or other personalities that had greater insight into a story/issue of relevance. However today we have moved […]

Blog 4 Arts3091

April 1, 2012 by


When data meets the eye The following data highlights the number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan during the period of 2004-2004. Ideally the idea of this exercise is to make the invisible visible through images and visuals rather than statistics and data. The effective portrayal of this form of visualisation can be identified through the […]

Blog 3 Arts3091

March 26, 2012 by


“Lethal actions should have a clear chain of accountability,” said Noel Sharkey, a computer scientist and robotics expert. “This is difficult with a robot weapon. The robot cannot be held accountable. So is it the commander who used it? The politician who authorized it? The military’s acquisition process? The manufacturer, for faulty equipment?” In Hennigan’s […]

Blog 2 Arts3091

March 19, 2012 by


In response to Alva Noe’s article, “Does thinking Happen in the Brain”, I believe that there is a tendency to forget the symbolic nature of one’s conscience. The mind is an intricate facet of the human anatomy, one that captures all senses and allows for its use. However this article argues that it is the […]